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New Client Experience

We offer such a diverse range of services, that you will need to specify exactly what you want to include in your visit. Build your very own customized appointment by selecting each individual treatment. For example, you could start with a base service of shampoo and style, and then you could add a haircut, tint, or relaxer. Once we know exactly which treatments you’ve chosen, we can make sure to manage the timing so that you have a luxurious customer experience.

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Meet Your Stylist

Halo there, gorgeous! I'm Kerstina Madden and I'm excited about connecting with you. I consider the relationship between a lady and her stylist sacred and essential to self care. Your beauty is my passion and I can't wait to meet you!

How To Book
Your Appointment

Welcome to your new self care sanctuary!

Now it's time to schedule your appointment and indulge yourself. 

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